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Watercolor paintings illustrating different watercolor ideas and different watercolor painting techniques
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Drawing Lessons For Beginners.
A Good Drawing = A Good Painting

Video Lessons On Drawing

Begin with these three video lessons. Take them in order. They will help with the mechanics (the nuts and bolts) of drawing.

A drawing demonstrating one point perspective. #1 - Drawing Using One Point Perspective One point perspective is probably the best entry point for anyone wanting to draw. That's because it has rules. Rules are wonderful because you can follow them. The further we get into art, the fewer the rules; also the more meaningless the rules.
So start here. You will be happy you did, or your money will be cheerfully refunded.

Drawing demonstrating the use of three point perspective for watercolor painting. #2 - Drawing Using Two And Three Point perspective  Three point perspective may be the key concept for anyone wanting to draw. Once you are comfortable with this YOU CAN DRAW. Its only the foundation, but it will take you very far. 
So do this lesson as I did it, and practice it until you have got it 
Just make sure you start with the previous lesson, one point perspective. 

Drawing demonstrating the use of perspective as it applies to round objects. #3 - Drawing Round Objects In Perspective Linear perspective applies to everything, including round things. When you see it done, you will realize that you knew it already. Nevertheless, its not intuitive. This lesson will make handling round objects easy.

Just make sure you start with the previous lessons, one and three point perspective.


If you want to really dig into drawing, read the column on left.

Useful Information On Drawing

The Real Trick To Drawing Anything Is Using Forgery

Make a copy of someone's signature. Take your time. Try real hard. Take as many tries as you like. Get it the best it can be.
Is it good enough to cash the check or are you going to jail? Don't answer that. It can be used against you in a court of law.

\Take the same signature. TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN. Make a copy. Will this copy pass muster. I will bet that the branch manager herself will cash the check.

\What just happened? It was very difficult to copy Joe's signature because you know what the word Joe is supposed to look like. However, when you turned it upside down it was no longer the word Joe. it was just a jumble of lines and curves. Very easy to copy.

If we want to draw something, we are going to have to look at it first and keep looking at it until we are have drawn it. The really, really, really hard part is that as we draw, we must clear our minds of what we know about what we are drawing.

The takeaway

Silly as this may seem, quality drawing is merely learning to stop thinking and start copying exactly what you see.
THIS WILL NOT BE EASY.   IT'S A SKILL YOU CAN DEVELOP. Just start copying pictures of people. It will come. Why people? Because it will not look right if it's not a good drawing.  A few tips on drawing people .

After that, practice, practice, practice. If you do, I promise, in 30 or 40 short years. you too can be a master.


P.S. There is a book " Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain ". If you're serious about learning to draw, you should probably pick up a copy. In my experience there is nothing better.

PPS: I have serious doubts about this right brain / left brain concept.  Nevertheless, it's clear that were talking about some part of the mind although not necessarily which part of the brain.

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