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The making of a lesson.


Why the captain is a super hero.

Planning a lesson is similar to planning a painting. Some deliberate, and a lot of unconscious thinking. This takes one or two days worth of time.

Videotaping on average requires only a couple of hours, but often several takes are needed.

Editing the footage entails lots of dubbing, sound volume adjustments, removing wasted time, creating fast forwards where appropriate, often adding explanatory text and titles. Editing requires at least ten and as much twenty times the actual running time.

A picture of the finished painting has to be taken and adjusted with Photoshop. Then it has to be translated into three different sizes, each optimized for the web. One thumbnail for the home page list of lessons, one for the actual lesson page, and one for search engines to show as thumbnails in search results. All this only takes about an hour.

Then the video has to be translated into three different video files (cable, dsl, dialup). For each video a player file has to be created. Then I have to make one page, the actual lesson page, which is the page where you see the video, and which has the text and pictures. 2- 4 hours.

The home page has to have the lesson thumbnail and text inserted, and the lesson has to be added to the menu and the sitemap. 1 hour.

If the lesson has a drawing template, I frame the picture against glass and then trace lines with an erasable marker. Then remove the painting and photograph the tracing. Then it's back to Photoshop to make two clean images in the exact sizes for the templates. Then the images need to be made into download ready files with instructions for use added in a convenient place. 1-2 hours.

If a site is to be taken seriously, two special (xml) sitemaps have to be created for search engines; a regular sitemap which is quick, and the video sitemap that's about as simple as a tax return. 1 hour.

There are other things which also require time, such as asking other art sites for reciprocal links, maintaining mailing lists, answering letters, etc.

Please understand that I am not complaining. This is a labor of love. All of the above is being written to say that I am swamped with work and would love to have any help I can get.

So here is what you can do.

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