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Watercolor paintings illustrating different watercolor ideas and different watercolor painting techniques
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Live Watercolor Workshop Demonstration (Demo)

You will learn so much; you will meet the Captain and have a lot of fun doing it

This is a video taken of the captain giving a workshop demonstration to a large group. It is a long demo and covers a whole lot if different watercolor trechniques. I also describe my journey and how I got to this stage in watercolor painting;

Running time; 1 Hour, 13 Minutes. Live Watercolor Demonstratiom Of  A Girl In  Landscape

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This is a watercolor painting.

The subject is a fantasy.

The background is created using plastic wrap and then overpainted with a variety of techniques.

The girl is first transferred to the paper using a stencil. The stencil is not necessary but makes the job so much easier.

I "lift out" the girl and the trees, and then repaint them. Its a neat trick and I show you how.

The last part of the painting demo shows how I "discover" the background. By this, I mean that the trees and foliage were not planned, but I "invented" them after seeing the painting with the girl completely finished.

This painting was done in about 3/4 of an hour in front of a live audience. It is not a polished work. Nevertheless, it was accepted into an art show. I tell you this so you know that it is of Demo quality as opposed the the sort of work which comes from taking my time in the studio.

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