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Thank You all so much for these wonderful compliments.
They make me so glad to be doing this.

LILIJANA >>> Hrastnik Slovenija EU

You are amazing. Thank you.Lilijana

Egypt >>> Omnia ElSonbaty

Thank you

Chicago>>> Arlene Martin

Thank you. I watched your basket lesson and tried it myself. The results are amazing. I never thought I could do it. Keep up the good work.

Quebec, Canada>>> Michele Trepanier

Hi, I just enjoy your website. I had read, read...It help!!! I enjoy all information, (color...superb).I'll come back!
PS:excuse my english-I am french speaking.

Michele Trepanier >>> Quebec, Canada

Hi, I just enjoy your website. I had read, read...It help!!! I enjoy all information, (color...superb).I'll come back!
PS:excuse my english-I am french speaking.

S.S. Marie, Ontario Canada >>> Rick

I am new to painting, starting out with oils. Lately I've been expanding to other mediums, water and acrylic. Your lessons have been quite perfect for a beginner like me. Enjoyed them much, learned much.Rick

Pascoag,Rhode Island>>> Diane Gravel

Came across your website, and enjoyed it tremendously. I also paint, using acrylics and watercolors. I use to paint often when i was younger, seems like i never have the time anymore to sit and enjoy this gift from God. Sometimes i need to be pushed. Or i have to paint with someone else in order to start again. Well Thank You for the push.

Lady Lake, Florida >>> Serafin Soto

the most comprehensive and informative site I have seen for waterclor art on the internet thus far. Thank you.

Heather Gardiner >>> Galway, Ireland

Just went through your Free Art Lessons. Learned a lot!! Very good and clear explanations. Will re-read again and again!! Thank you so much. Heather.

judy Pearson >>> Marionville, Va.

I thoroughly enjoy your website. Because I chose to put off my painting until my family was grown I find myself feeling like a beginner with a lot of unorganized knowledge. I am now trying to clarify that which I had learned so long ago into something fluid and satisfying. The help I am finding on your website is truly appreciated. Thank you for being there.

Linda >>> Longmont, Colorado, USA

I always said I wanted to be an artist in my next life, but recently came to the realization that I better do it now. I just found your site today, and have learned so much already. This is great info for someone like me taking those first baby steps into unknown territory. Thank you so much for this service. The lessons are fantastic!


New to watercolor, I have recently looked for ways to expand ways to express myself in this media. Tired of followig book instructions, I was delighted to come across your delightful tutorials.They are excellent, and I once again look forward to settling down to putting brush and pigment to paper.Lking forward to more exercises

Cris >>>: Tucson, Az

Not only are you a great artist, but an excellent teacher, I sat by my computer for about 2 hours to watch every thing you made available to me. I really enjoy your instruction your techniques your presentation and the way you instruct.... Thank you very much..

Sandra L. Natal >>> apollo beach, florida

I love your website, very informative

Keith Clifton >>> ipswich, Brisbane Australia

Just what I have been looking for for years. Seeing your brush in such continues and detailed action while hearing your voice is really great.

Sandie >>> Pgh, PA

Love your demonstrations

robert stirling >>> scotland u k

Aged eighy my knees have gone so I sit and think and think and sit Not any longer. Now I watercolour, thanks to you. Wow the time just whizzes past.

jer B >>> melbourne, FL

just started watercolor.stumbled upon this sight simple aspen trees in snow were awesome ,just beginning I know to file blades of grass,but spoon for trees was great fun.thanks

Tharani Guruvayurappan >>> Chennai,India

This site is really awesome....I get to knew many basics of making a gud piece of painting. -Tharu

Gerry >>> Canmore AB


pedro martins >>> Caxias - Portugal

Excellent work I`ve needed this when I was young. A course is just a dream. Now I`m using internet to show to my daughters new technics. Great job.

Lou de Beuzeville >>>Sydney Australia

I find myself in the miraculous situation of having a day at home and not TOO many other things I should be doing, so I thought I would google watercolour/watercolor lessons. And I found this. It is absolutely fantastic! Really. I like your clear instructions, I love your style of painting, and your accent is cool (no idea where it's from, but I suspect somewhere near where Woody Allen's is from??) I can't believe this is free!! I've bookmarked it and intend to go through each lesson. So far I did the one on clear skies.

India>>> Kalyan V

Great web site.Thank you so much. Very helpful lessons. I really appreciate your sincere effort.

Hrastnik Slovenija EU>>> LILIJANA

You are amazing. Thank you.

Maryland, USA >>> John S.Frederick,

Since visiting your website I realize I will become a fan of your talent and your inspiration!..can your please describe for me what you mean by ' sedimenrary color '? thanks,John S.Frederick, Md.

***** MY REPLY *****

Pigments are either significantly heavier than water or not. The heavier ones sediment out very quickly, pooling in the valleys of watercolor paper. This makes for a lovely shimmer in the final painting. BUT. It only works if you let the wah settle, and then DO NOT MESS WITH IT.

Sharon Lynch >>> Statts Mills WV

Excellent website!! I am preparing for watercolor classes, and the info will be invaluable. Thank you very much!

Roberta Nagle >>> Lancaster,Pa

Thanks for the great lessons. It gives me great encouragement. Will bereading again!!

Mary Anne McCormack >>> Hyde Park, New York

It's as though we are actually sitting together during the lesson. You really do understand what your student needs to learn and can impart it in a humorous way. I bet someone you were a "Nu Yurker" before I read your bio.

Jana >>> Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you for giving back to others [especially me and my family!] through you online lessons. We home educate and what you have provided here is an amazing resource which I will send to others. Warmly,JanaP.S. I'm pretty certain my website is not energy efficient!

jean smith>>> melbourne victoria australia

thank you for your lessons love your website and clear explanations

Bern Zumpano >>> Miami, Florida

You have a stupendous website and you are a very great teacher. I enjoyed my visit and will be back. Thank you very, very much.

Sandie Frost >>> Grants Pass comments

Congrats on the new grandson!I have been enjoying your site for 2 weeks and just want to thank you very much for such a helpful and FUN site on watercolor painting..I painted the barn and well it looks like a barn!...You are a very good teacher!!If you never hear from me again...well I'm the quiet type...but do know that I will be doing the lessons on your site and having fun too!Thank you again...Sandie

Mary Jane >>> Delhi

Thank You for going at a slow pace for beginners..on your free watercolor classes. Mary jane

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