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About Me

I live in a shore community on Long Island in New York and travel extensively, often to paint.

Other aspects of my career are as an industrialist making disposable medical supplies ( such as catheters. ) and more recently as owner of a web site design and marketing company.

During my career I have accumulated some pretty prestigious awards from local art societies, and have also sold quite a few paintings.

I have been painting and teaching watercolor for a good part of my life, which is longer than I care to admit. These lessons are part of a project of "giving back". The art community has been a great place to learn, and teach and create art. At this point in my life being a mentor seems to be the thing to do.

I wrote the above words very early in the history of this web site. Now there is more.

Teaching involves learning. Before you can show anyone what you know, you have to understand your own knowledge in a very conscious way.

For example. You may mix a particular green out of habit with a specific yellow and a specific blue, and there is no good reason to know any more than "You just do it that way." When you teach it, its important to understand why you do it that way, so that your students can understand why they should do it that way too. The problem is that you may not have a good reason, because other ways are just as good. Well, you have just learned a whole lot. Teaching involves sifting your ideas through another mind, and what comes out the other side has very little bull.... in it.

Well let me tell you that a camera is a very demanding student. You get to watch your own lessons, and be your own student. Flaws stick out like crazy.

I think this is making me a better painter too.


Please enjoy this site.

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