Captain Watercolor gives art lessons about painting, color, value and texture. Demonstrations by Captain Watercolor teach everything from warm and cool colors to washes and drybrushing.


How To Paint Watercolors

Lessons On Painting With Watercolor.



Learn to paint with watercolors. The captain takes you step by step from rank beginner all the way through advanced lessons.

This first paint with watercolor lesson, is way more sophisticated than color by number, but similar in that its easy, fun, and you get a nice finished painting from it.

Painting with watercolor is made so easy that I promise you will be hooked by your second painting. The english call it watercolour, but then what do they know. The only thing England ever did for watercolour is John Singer Sergeant, J.M.W. Turner, James McNeil Whistler, John Ruskin, David Cox, and among the The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman Hunt, Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, and a bunch of other giants,

These lessons on painting with watercolors do not require you to be able to draw anything. Each lesson comes with a template which you print out with your printer. The template is the drawing ( coloring book style ), which you can easily transfer to your watercolor paper with a pencil and a coin. If you never drew before, you can still make realistic landscape paintings, or floral paintings, even watercolor portraits.


Learning watercolor tips, tricks. and techniques is easy these days. There are lots of watercolor workshops where great artists give water demonstrations for you to follow. Among the many workshops and retreats offered around the world you can study with:


Terry Madden


James Toogood


Tony van Hasselt


Tony Couch


Cathy Johnson


Sue Connor


Jennifer Branch


Ron Ranson


Nita Leland


Carla O'Connor


Paul McCormack


Gayle Weisfield


David Drummond


Dora Hagge


Susie Short


Deb Groesser


Edina Sagert

Stanley Maltzman

Eric Wiegardt

Alvaro Castagnet

Betty Carr

Mel Stabin

Pat Dews

Skip Lawrence

Kenn Backhaus