THE SHORE - Beaches - Dunes - Grasses - Waves - Boats

Art lessons on Video; beginner through advanced tips and technique on how to paint with watercolor.
Watercolor palette showing a warm and cool paint for each of the primary colors This is a map of the captains color
palette. See materials list below..

The map shows the location of each of the paints. The group on the left are the sedimentary colors. Those in the right are the non sedimentary colors. The palette is just a cut down ice cube tray.


...( sedimentary )

0 - Red

1 - Yellow

2 - Green

3 - Blue

...( non sed. )

4 - Cool Blue

5 - Warm Blue

6 - Warm Red

7 - Cool Red

8 - Warm Yellow

9 - Cool Yellow



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Art Lessons by Captain Watercolor



THE SHORE - Beaches - Dunes - Grasses - Waves - Boats



Sand Dunes and Beach Grass, Water, sparkling and crashing on to the shore. Typical elements found in so many watercolor paintings.




Crashing Waves



Painting waves is fun because it dynamic. Its about as close as you can get to motion in a painting.

Here is a beautiful lesson on a generic wave.



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