Tools For Watercolor Painting. Palette, Credit Card, Masking Tape, Plastic Spoon, Etc.


Art Lessons by Captain Watercolor

There are just a few tools you need for watercolor painting.


A palette is some kind of rig where you set out your paints, and mix them together. There are lots of them on the market, and there a a few ways to create them with stuff around the house.


You absolutely need a pencil and eraser, but only one kind of each is good for watercolor.


We watercolorists do a lot of lifting and scraping of paint. The best tools for this are a plain old credit card and a plastic spoon.


I will show you what you need to get started.

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Watercolor palette showing a warm and cool paint for each of the primary colors This is a map of the captains color
palette. See materials list below..

The map shows the location of each of the paints. The group on the left are the sedimentary colors. Those in the right are the non sedimentary colors. The palette is just a cut down ice cube tray.


...( sedimentary )

0 - Red

1 - Yellow

2 - Green

3 - Blue

...( non sed. )

4 - Cool Blue

5 - Warm Blue

6 - Warm Red

7 - Cool Red

8 - Warm Yellow

9 - Cool Yellow


For an explanation of the properties of the paints, ( Like warm and cool ) see the lesson on paints in the materials section.