A Drawing Lesson On Three Point Perspective

Art lessons on Video; beginner through advanced tips and technique on how to paint with watercolor.

Drawing demonstrating the drawing technique of three point perspective.

Drawing Lesson # 2


Elementary Drawing Skills


Three Point Perspective




In the previous lesson we discussed one point perspective, which is as wonderful to drawing as hot dogs are to eating. But who wants to spend a lifetime eating onlyhot dogs.


Three point perspective opens up our drawing world as would all the restaurants of the planet would open up our culinary universe.


The only tool you need to do this is a straightedge


People build things in relationship to the surface of the earth. Almost everything we make has flat surfaces which are parallel to the earths surface. In fact, when we make something not parallel to the ground we call it a slide and categorize it as an "amusement".


It is almost impossible to make interesting paintings without sooner or later encountering a box. Be it a building, barn, house, or household item, as artists we are going to have to draw them. And, if we do not understand perspective, botch them we will.



So here it is, maybe the most useful art lesson you will ever take., and a lot fun too.


And always remember:


In perspective drawing, all parallel lines converge at a single point.


Watercolor palette showing a warm and cool paint for each of the primary colors This is a map of the captains color palette.
See materials list below...

The map shows the location of each of the paints. The group on the left are the sedimentary colors. Those in the right are the non sedimentary colors. The palette is just a cut down ice cube tray

Burnt Sienna
0 - Red
Yellow Ochre
1 - Yellow
2 - Green
Cerulean Blue
3 - Blue
  ...( non sed. )
Phthalo Blue
4 - Cool Blue
Ultramarine Blue
5 - Warm Blue
Pyrrol Red
6 - Warm Red
Info Alizarin Crimson
( Quinacridone )

7 - Cool Red
Arylide Yellow FGL
8 - Warm Yellow
Arylide Yellow Deep
9 - Cool Yellow

140 Lb. Cold Pressed
140 Lb. Cold Pressed

The warmest color is orange

The coolest color is middle-blue

A warm red would be like a tomato (orangy)

A cool red Is like a strawbery (purpleish)

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